Kick start your market entry in Germany

BW Business Bridge identifies and certifies high-quality ICT product and service offerings for the German market.

Every certified company is provided with an individually developed roadmap for a successful start or expansion in Germany.

Benefits of the BW Business Bridge approach

BWBB combines a quality audit with expert advice on German market entry or expansion. BWBB thus removes the two biggest obstacles for German companies when trying to contract foreign providers: Assessing the quality – and identifying the right talk-tos (bwcon member survey 2014).

Visibility in Germany

Stand out and have your offering noticed – accompany your own marketing with a strong message of trust and reliability

Regional and international sales support

Support your services and product sales inside Germanys IT industry networks

Networking and personal introductions

Build your own network inside Germany through personal introductions and individual recommendations

Events and exhibitions

Participate in the right events, choose the right German exhibitions for your company

Digital marketing

Reach your target audience in Germany through BWBB’s focussed publications

Market entry roadmap

Roll out your portfolio to the German market with BWBB’s market entry roadmap

Get certified and get your Germany roadmap


To become a certified company, an online registration is followed by a quick self assessment to ensure the applying company is formally eligible for certification. The actual audit consists of a comprehensive questionnaire and an audit “onsite” in your office.

Once the audit is successfully completed, the certificate is issued and can immediately be used in marketing e.g. on websites, company presentations etc. A comprehensive market entry support package is delivered over the months after the certification – including network contacts, event invitations, joint exhibition visits, personal introductions and digital marketing.


Certified already? Develop a goal-oriented roadmap together with our BWBB experts: Skilled IT market professionals who have lived and worked in the German IT industry for a minimum of 15 years. Our colleagues apply no standard recipes – but arrive with a proven toolset and a structured agenda for your very individual 2-day roadmap workshop.

Accredited in various German network initiatives, the BWBB experts bring their solid experience, their lively network of contacts and their own hands-on knowledge in market entry, sales and marketing to the BWBB-certified companies.

Value proposition and market segmentation

What exactly separates your offering from the competition? Are you working on an exactly defined segment in the market – do your offerings perfectly match the needs?

Target audience and marketing messages

Who exactly are you talking to, what are your clients’ expectations – and how are you meeting and exceeding them?

Networking in Germany

Meeting the right people, visiting the right events (no, it’s not the CeBIT) and networking with your clients in Germany

Initial certification and 2-day roadmap workshop € 4.950,- (one-time, non-recurring)

plus travel/accomodation for 1 person/day. Included: The complete quality audit and certification, 2-day roadmap workshop, 2-year ongoing marketing support in Germany

Recertification: € 1.350,- (one-time, non-recurring)

Certified companies are eligible for a fast-track recertification programme with reduced efforts and fees after two years. Extension of ongoing marketing support in Germany included.

Get in touch with BWBB’s German market experts

For certified companies, BWBB provides expert advice and professional market entry consulting. Get in touch and find out what the insiders can do for you.

Who we are / Contact

The BW Business Bridge identifies, validates and certifies foreign IT companies for the German market. Together with the certified companies, BWBB develops individual market entry roadmaps for Germany in concise and focussed 2-day workshops.

The BWBB mission is to separate the wheat from the chaff in the global IT products and services market – and identify the „serious players“ required for the continuous growth of the German ICT industry.


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